Learn French outside! Where French and nature immersion meet.

Our school has trees instead of walls, meadows instead of a gymnasium, fresh air, and an endless supply of learning opportunities. Here, our students learn and practice French through interaction with each other, the instructor, and the natural environment.  We offer you hands-on, experiential learning at it's best!


Les Petits Amis (4-5)

A play-based outdoor learning program for four- to five-year-olds. The seeds of French language learning (and love!) are sown through songs, stories, games, exploration, and authentic experiences in nature. 


Les Amis (6-11)

A fun-filled outdoor learning program for six- to eleven-year-olds. We'll engage with the French language through games, art, drama, and authentic experiences in nature. Prior experience with French is an asset.

Looking for more outdoor learning opportunities?  

Check out these AWesome local programs:


Forest Fridays (6+)

Join s for a day of outdoor adventure and wilderness skills with an incredible community of home-schooled kiddos! We strive to nurture a sense of wonder, character and a deep respect for nature through wilderness living skills, naturalist studies, awareness, play, exploration and direct experiences of the outdoors. Choose from every Friday or alternate Fridays.



Jumping Mouse Outdoor School

...Something that cannot be offered on a screen, in a classroom, or in a book. It is the thrill of reading the tracks of our animal neighbours in fresh snow, the competence to create shelter and fire from nothing, the wonder of catching a glimpse into the life of a wild animal, the feeling of being safely among friends. It is knowledge of place, the feeling of being at home in the world.